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Welcome to «deadly»! By doing research on the Australian word “deadly” I got a bit confused, because it is not exactly clear who was mistaken here: the European settlers or the Aboriginals.
It might be the Europeans talked all day long about this is deadly and that is deadly as in Australia live all sorts of dangerous animals like spiders, snakes, crocodiles. Not even mentioning the heat… And the Aboriginals might have interpreted deadly as awesome.
Another source explains deadly differently. It says the Europeans misunderstood an Aboriginal word. They heard “deadly” and transcribed it into English. So the original word or the sound “deadly” entered Australian English and the ordinal meaning “excellent/amazing/really good” also found entrance into English.
But whatever happened back then, nowadays “deadly” is in use in Australian English and it means something very positive!
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You might ask: What’s the connection between counselling and words? I think and believe there is a strong connection.
Other cultures have a lot of wisdom, and of course, problems too. I believe words can express quite exactly feelings and thoughts, worries and joys. Sometimes our languages are missing something that in other languages is described very accurately. So, why don’t we enrich our languages with words or phrases from other cultures?
While working on my videos I learned many new fascinating words that are absolutely worth being included in our dictionaries.

My explanations only can give a short overview about the above word or phrase. If you are interested and keen on knowing more, click on the provided links or just go ahead and explore and discover more yourself.
If you ever find a new word, you think is wonderful, let me know please!

Thank you!

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