“Rocket Man” Is Blowing Up China | China Uncensored

Kim Jong-un burns his fuse out here alone, as President Trump addresses the United Nations.

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20 Replies to ““Rocket Man” Is Blowing Up China | China Uncensored”

  1. There will be a third world war of democracy and communism war. And communism will win. Because communism uses inhumane warfare
    The Communist dog uses your money and kindness to make weapons.
    Refused to buy China-made goods,
    China's large and medium-sized enterprises, the source of funds is the Communist Party,
    Because the Chinese Communist Party holds shares in China's large enterprises,
    In China, 80% of entrepreneurs join the Communist Party, the implementation of the communist economy。
    In China, the actual behind-the-scenes bosses are all Communist Party.
    Buying made in China goods ,is supporting evil communism。

  2. The communists already infiltrated EVERY state university in USA, how are you planning to reverse that ? Without fighting the school system, the majority of USA youth will be Antifa, in a short 20 years.

  3. UC San Diego can collapse for all I care. They're part of this communist infestation that is screwing up far too many things in the US. Let them whither on the vine. Let them be separated from the grain and chafe then metaphorically burned.

  4. It was not the UN Security Council. Cheeto Mussolini embarrassed himself and the US before the whole General Assembly of the UN.
    New Zealand elected a Chinese spy to it's parliament. No one will call for his removal because they are afraid of being labeled racist. The West is done!

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